About us


El Borg is a foundry that is specialized in the manufacturing of special steels and alloys. We are specialized in manufacturing high quality cast products for cement and mining industries. Providing the product with specific material, material condition, and specific dimensions is our target in order to ensure a safe and successful operation for the customer.

We are specialized in producing castings for cement and mining plants, but we also produce many other castings with different alloys.

Sectors that uses our castings:

Cement Plants - Mining and Quarries - Earth Moving Machines - Power Plants - Railways - Glass Wool and Rock Wool Plants.  


Power Plants .

Cement plant

Mining and Quarries

Earth Moving Machines


Induction Melting Furnaces.

Heat-Treatment facilities in order to perform the proper heat-treatment cycles which controls the microstructure and the mechanical response of steel.

Machining department in order to produce the product with the customer’s desired dimensions.


Our effective quality control program includes carrying out the chemical analysis of the castings in order to make sure that it is the right alloy.

Mechanical Testing.

Dimensions test in order to make sure that the product has been manufactured upon the customer desired dimensions.


  • Manganese Steel (Different Grades).
  • Stainless Steel (Different Grades) and Heat-Resistant Steels low Alloy           Steels.
  • Tool Steel Nodular Cast Iron.
  • Grey Cast Iron.
  • Carbon Steels.
  • Other Alloys could be manufactured upon request.